Provisional tax letter service

Provide your clients with customised provisional tax options with a minimum of work on your part.

We can generate customised provisional tax letters designed to help your clients leverage the full value of tax pooling.

Your clients are offered two options for their upcoming tax payment, Pay Now or Pay Later.

  • The Pay Now option, is set so the client can deposit their tax into the pool and benefit from the flexibility depositing brings.
  • The Pay Later option, provides the client with a finance (interest upfront) quote, to delay their tax based on a maturity date indicated by you.

This service is currently limited to our Tax Traders Advantage clients.

How it works

Step 1: Plan

Choose a distribution option:
    • Option 1: You can distribute the letters directly to your clients or
    • Option 2: We can email your clients on your behalf.

Step 2: Collect and send us your information

Email with:
    1. Your logo (.png,.ai,.eps or .jpg) that can be set to a white background
    2. An CSV / excel template with your client’s details (Attachment 1)
    3. If we are emailing your clients please also provide:
      • Your client’s email addresses in the excel template, and
      • If you would like to include a personal message in the email, a completed email template (Attachment 2)
      • The email address at your firm you would like any client queries to go to.

Step 3: We will create your letters

Each letter includes a “Pay now” deposit option and “Pay later” finance option (Attachment 3)

Step 4: Distribution

Option 1: You distribute the letters

We will email you the letters as well as a fact sheet for your clients (Attachment 4)

Option 2: We email your clients:

    • Emails are sent from and we will copy you on each email
    • If we receive any questions about the letters we will re-direct these to you.

Step 5: Client acceptance and reporting

  • To accept the offer, clients simply follow the payment instructions including their IRD number and the unique code as references. Any new taxpayer accounts are created automatically.
  • After the provisional tax date we will send you an excel file setting out which of your clients took up the offer.
  • All transactions and taxpayers are linked to your firm’s account for full visibility.