Balance date change

My client has just gone through a transitional year and their balance date has changed. How do I adjust this on the portal?
Under taxpayer settings you are able to adjust the balance date and respective terminal tax date for the client.


I have changed the balance date for my client but the old provisional tax dates are still coming up on the online tools. How do I change this?
Our system works slightly ahead of where you are when you are using our tools, so if you have just changed the balance date for your client under taxpayer settings the tools will not have picked up the adjusted settings the first time you go in to the tool. On the RIT and Buy tools there is a Clear All Calculations button found at the bottom of the second page. Just hit this button and the system will push you back to the initial page of the tool and will in the process reset to the new balance date settings applied. When you progress through following this the new standard provisional dates will populate for you.

I need to do a purchase for my client who is a 6 monthly GST filer but the standard provisional tax dates come up on the buy tool. How can I adjust this?
Our tools will populate the standard dates available based on the preset balance date for your taxpayer but each date is able to be overridden as needed - just highlight and overtype.