Benefits of IR data connectivity

Our IR connection makes your job easier so you can see all the relevant data about your client in one place.

Due to a unique two-way dataflow between Taxlab’s software and Tax Traders’ tax pooling platform, you can now access five exceptional benefits:

  1. One report for managing your clients' positions
    With tax pooling and IR data in one report, our combined report saves you from downloading and collating data from multiple sources into a spreadsheet. We’re confident you won’t find a more user-friendly, comprehensive combined report on the market.
  2. Keep your clients on track
    With all the important data in one place, you can easily see if a taxpayer is on track with payments and tailor your approach accordingly. If a client is at risk of late payment penalties and interest, you can instantly generate payment plans and put them in a better position. Alternatively, if a client is having a stronger or weaker year than anticipated, you can use the forecasting feature to help determine their obligations. 

  3. Fast, accurate purchases and transfers
    Forget about entering IR data into the Tax Traders system to figure out your purchase amounts. Thanks to the IR feed data integration and RIT calculator, you can discover exactly what amount is owed, create payment plans and load transfers in one click. Accountants who use our IR connection estimate savings of up to 45 minutes per client when finalising a client's tax position.

  4. Reduce the risk of errors and missed opportunities
    By having a full view into a client’s obligations and balances, we can see when penalties and interest are starting to creep up and can help recommend purchases and transfers before the tax pooling window closes.

  5. Being connected helps us, help you
    When you are using our IR connection, we can also see your clients’ exact positions. If you ever need to reach out to us with a query on a specific client, we’ll be able to help right away. You won’t need to send us screenshots or multiple emails, and we can action your transactions faster than ever.   

It’s easy to see the impact the IR connection can have on your workflow and is even easier to get set up on.

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