Change of bank FAQs

Everything you need to know about our recent change of bank

When did the bank change take effect from?

Our new accounts went live on the 22nd of November 2021. Whilst our existing Westpac accounts remain open, we recommend that you update bank account details as soon as possible.


Bank account details

This article summarises payment instructions for payments, purchases and deposits into the tax pool.

The correct account is reflected on the confirmation statement generated when an arrangement is put in place. These can be accessed by clicking into the transaction on the portal: 

Dashboard > Transaction Details > *Relevant Transaction* > *Scroll to bottom of page* > Click Download > The account will be listed at the bottom of the page

Our bank accounts are as follows: 

Deposits: 02-0506-0264679-000 

Invoices: 02-0506-0264679-002 

The correct account to pay into is reflected on our system and on all invoice and reminder notifications generated. You may wish to make special mention to your clients that an update will be required before their new payments are due.


Will the new accounts also accept payments until 10pm?

Yes! With Tax Traders you have always been able to deposit into our pool right up until 10pm on the day the payment is due. This is a uniquely Tax Traders offering and was the first innovation we brought to tax pooling, and we did it on day one, nine years ago. Shifting our banking arrangements to BNZ is about continuing to offer an extended same day deadline for thousands of clients.  


I’m a tax agent with multiple clients, do I need to let them all know now?

No, at this stage you only need to advise those clients with existing deposit, purchase or finance arrangements in place with Tax Traders. 

For everyone else they will be advised when they next make a purchase or finance as the new bank account details will be included on the email invoice at that time.

To generate a list of clients who currently have deposits in the Tax Traders pool, please run the Global Balance Report (found under the Global Reports menu) on your agent dashboard.   


What if I deposit to the old bank account?

Our existing Westpac accounts remain open and we have processes in place to redirect payments to the new accounts. If a payment is made to an old account, we will automatically advise the payer to update their payment details.


Do you have confirmation from Public Trust to verify the change to the trustee bank accounts?

Yes. You can download confirmation from Public Trust here. You can also reach out to the Public Trust Custodial Services Team on 0800 371 471. 


Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

Please talk to anyone on the Tax Traders team via phone 0800 829 872 or email to answer your questions. You can email our co-founders directly as well on or You can also reach out to the Public Trust Custodial Services Team on 0800 371 471.