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  2. IRD data connectivity

Click. Tax done.

Transform your provisional tax workflow with Tax Traders’ IRD data-connected tools.

Inland Revenue data connectivity is here. This means that for the first time you can access a single report showing a complete picture of your clients’ provisional and terminal tax liabilities (no more having to log in to multiple websites to check whether payments have been made or enter figures into a spreadsheet).

You can also check whether your clients have missed a payment and, if they have, you can create payment plans and payment notices with fully flexible payment options built in.

Our system has been reviewed and approved by Inland Revenue and all data is protected by our industry-leading security and encryption, giving you total peace of mind.

You’ve got it in one.

1. Save time on file

Know exactly where your clients are at, at all times, while the Tax Traders system prepares options for you automatically.

2. Accurate, timely information

A single source of truth giving a complete view of your client’s tax position in one place.

3. User-friendly access

A user-friendly view of your client’s IRD data, available whenever you need it.`

4. Automatically optimised RIT

No need to run a calculator. RIT optimisation (with payment options included) is automatically prepared for you.

5. Smart income tax notices

Make provisional tax a value-add with automatic payment options on your tax payment notices.

6. Single click, tax done.

Finalise your client's tax year, payment options and communications with a single click of a button.

Only with Tax Traders

Tax Traders is unwavering in our goal to improve the provisional tax workflow. The tools we have developed over the past three years – including instant online swaps and our industry leading RIT calculator – are the result of our desire to bring automation into your workflow and make your work easier.

Inland Revenue data is the missing piece that completes our journey to provide a complete and automated tax payment solution.

We are the only provider with this technology now, and for the foreseeable future.

Our new technology is already in place and available to all our Tax Traders Advantage clients. Register now to ensure you have access to these exclusive tools.