Access to accounts / taxpayers

How to add/remove new accounts and taxpayers

Can my client have access to their account?

Yes, it just depends on the level of access and visibility they are after. They can either:

  1. Set up their own account through our website and can be linked to their taxpayer profile. This will provide full access to their account, will enable them to view current and historical transactions and also set up new transactions if required; or
  2. Be added as a contact notification recipient on their taxpayer profile. This will not enable them to login, view or transact however will enable them to receive copies of all notifications generated by our system for their taxpayer account.

I have a new staff member needs a new account set up, how do I go about arranging this?

Your new staff member just needs to go to our website and click on the Create Account button at the top right hand corner. There is a short form to complete and once submitted and activated they will be able to access the portal. You can then share your taxpayers with them, and/or they can request access.

I need to provide access to another team member at my firm to one or more of my taxpayers, how do I do this?

On your dashboard head up to the top of the page to your Settings button. Here you will locate the option to Add Access. You can select one or more of your existing taxpayer list and have access granted to another account holder by entering their email address at the bottom of the page and submitting.

If the other team member already has an account with us they will automatically receive access on their own dashboard to the taxpayers you have selected and provided access to. If they do not have an account set up with us already they will receive an email notification inviting them to set up an account to be able to access the taxpayers tax pooling accounts they have been provided access to.

I have requested access to a taxpayer account and haven't received access yet, what do I do?

Access requests for existing taxpayer accounts go to the account holder currently managing the taxpayers account. If you have not received a response within a reasonable period of time please contact our team directly for assistance. If you work for the firm where the taxpayer account is currently managed, we are ordinarily able to provide access on behalf of the account owner.

If you are taking over an account from another agent or firm we may request supporting information such as your engagement letter with the taxpayer, or IRD confirmation to act as tax agent for the taxpayer before overriding the access authorisation request.

One of our staff members have left our team and we need access to be removed, how can we arrange this?

It is best to contact our team to arrange for their full profile to be removed from taxpayers and then deactivated from our portal and removed from our database.

One of our team members has changed roles within our firm and needs to be removed from some of the taxpayers we have on file, how do we adjust their access?

If more than one person has access to your taxpayers details then you can use the Remove Access function under your Settings button at the top of the dashboard. From here you can select the email address of the account to be removed in the drop down box on your screen, and then select the taxpayers you would like this account removed from. When in doubt or you need assistance please feel free to contact our team to assist.

We no longer act for some taxpayers we have access to on our dashboards, how do we remove our access?

It is best if we action the removal of taxpayers from your firms accounts on your behalf. We recommend either just sending us an email with the taxpayers who need to be removed, or where there are a number to be removed, exporting your taxpayer data and highlighting the taxpayers and we can action this. We do not remove the taxpayer from our database completely as historical transactional data is retained and should the client move to another agent who requests access, they will be able to view the history on account.