Guidelines on selling tax

Submit a Sell Tax enquiry and we will provide you with a quote for the tax you want to sell.

The industry is governed by the Anti-Money Laundering laws so in order for us to transfer funds resulting from a sale, we would need you to complete the relevant identification forms and requirements. We can provide these for you.

If you would prefer to have the funds transferred to Inland Revenue (IR) or redeposited back into the pool you do not need to complete any forms.

Below are some commonly asked questions:

  • Can I sell tax that I’ve paid to IR?

    No, you can only sell tax that you’ve initially paid into a tax pool.

  • Can I sell tax through Tax Traders that is currently sitting in another tax pool?

    Yes. Tax can be transferred between pools within 24 hours. We can then sell that tax for you for a better return.

  • Can I sell tax losses?
    No you cannot sell tax losses through tax pooling.