Tax pooling final payment dates

See below for the 2023 tax pooling final payment dates and IR cut-off deadlines. Tax Traders must receive funds prior to the last payment date to ensure it gets sent across to Inland Revenue before the IR tax pooling cut-off deadlines (75th/76th day after the terminal tax).

Note that the Tax Traders final payment date takes into account instances where the terminal tax date has fallen on a weekend or a public holiday.

Terminal tax date
Applicable balance dates
Tax Traders final
payment date
(IR cut-off date in brackets)
7 March 2024 February 2023 (EOT) 17 May 2024
(21 May 2024)
7 April 2024 March-September 2023 (EOT) 21 June 2024
(24 June 2024)

*EOT = extension of time


If you have any funds in the pool, please ensure that transfers are completed by the Tax Traders final payment date.


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