MyIR and tax pooling arrangements

After setting up a tax pooling arragement for a given taxpayer, Inland Revenue will be automatically notified and the taxpayer's MyIR account will reflect that the taxpayer intends to use tax pooling. See below for details.

When a client makes a deposit or puts in place an arrangement for a given tax year, Tax Traders notifies IRD about their intention to use tax pooling. Whilst penalties and interest will still appear on the account until the arrangement is completed and processed, the IRD will not undergo debt enforcement action if the client has a tax pooling indicator on their account.

In order to find whether the tax pooling indicator is applied to a client's account please follow the below steps.

  1. Search for taxpayer
  2. Access client
  3. In the income tax box, select ''More'' (as seen below)tax pooling
  4. Scroll right to the bottom, and under reports select ''Additional period details (it's the last 
    report on the page)
    Screenshot 2023-05-19 154806
  5. Select the relevant period by selecting ''Additional period details''
  6. If the client has a tax pooling indicator applied to their account it will show here as a ''Yes'' under intention to use tax pooling, as follows.

If the intention to use tax pooling is ''No'' and the client has set up an arrangement with us for this period, please contact the and we will look into this for you.