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Why Tax Traders?

You will get your best results with New Zealand’s fastest growing tax pool.

Tax Traders is trusted by over 400 leading accounting firms and corporates across New
Zealand. For us, it is more than just business. We are passionate about being a force for
good in society – seeing our clients, our team and communities flourish and grow. This
greatly affects the way we invest in relationships and innovation.

With Tax Traders, you access greater value:

  • Better results for you and your clients
    Wider options to smooth cash flow, save money and plan ahead.
  • The right answers at your fingertips
    Accurate answers first time with our industry-leading digital platform.
  • Specialist support Help when you need it, fast.
    No question too big or small.

Our commitment is long-term, valuing the unique needs of each client and standing with them through their ups and downs. When the market is tough, it helps to have a team working hard to make things happen for you.

Doing business differently

We believe the way we do business is just as important as the bottom line. We care deeply about our team, our clients, those in our business ecosystem and on the frontline of support in our communities with the same fervour as our business endeavours. We describe our business model as ‘Full Purpose’. It is a people-first approach that continually inspires our imagination, our decision making and daily practices.

Our story

Tax Traders was founded in 2011 by Josh and Nicola Taylor, in partnership with former Deputy Commissioner of Inland Revenue Robin Oliver and former Deloitte partner Mike Shaw. Together, they have built a specialist team committed to innovating New Zealand’s tax industry. Tax Traders is the fastest-growing Inland Revenue-approved tax pooling intermediary, the only independently audited tax pool, and the preferred partner to major accounting firms and corporates nationwide.

Since our inception, we have disrupted conventional approaches in the tax pooling industry with pioneering technology that not only makes tax pooling significantly easier, more transparent, faster and more accessible for all taxpayers, but also readies the industry for future demands through automation.

Our loyalty programme

Our premium loyalty programme, Tax Traders Advantage, is used and enjoyed by over 150 accounting practices nationally. It provides additional support services and deliverables for your clients, along with discounts and value-adds that other users cannot access. If your firm is looking for the best value across time, savings, support as well as cost, this offering is for you. Contact team@taxtraders.co.nz and schedule a conversation to find out more.